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The "Green" benefits of a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) are as follows:

• PEB's use steel not require cutting down valuable forests.
• Modern steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce green house gas emissions.
• PEB's are manufactured with a high proportion of recycled content, i.e. steel.
• PEB's employ sustainable building design and construction and erect in less time than conventional building construction.
• PEB's are fire and rust resistant and are virtually maintenance free.
• PEB's provide healthy indoor environment.
• PEB's are durable, cost-effective, energy efficient and green.
• PEB's, after demolition doesn’t accumulate wastage like asphalt shingles, concrete, brick and wood.
• Steel building roofs used in PEB's reflect light and heat keeping the buildings cooler in hot weather and thus reducing cooling costs and helps in saving the environment.
• PEB's help in reducing the carbon footprint.
• Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed and engineered by trained and certified structural metal building engineers to withstand all weather and seismic conditions.