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PT. GHEWANTIKA KONSTRUKSI was established since November 19th 2012 and called as GWK. GWK to be ready to answer global economic requirement and also most of both local and Foreign Investors, by delivering an Advance Pre Engineered Building product as Premium Construction Metal Building Product. Very efficient, fast construction, safe building, good appearance and also having green concept to accommodate global construction technology trend.

By launching ECOBUILD BRAND and completed with NS BLUESCOPE LYSAGHT INDONESIA RANBUILD product GWK become a leading innovated Pre Engineered Building Company in Indonesia. GWK also as pioneer Company in the construction service by fixing all the construction problems, and compile in a complete package of Pre Engineered Building Solution.



Our success depends on our customers and suppliers. Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value and trust,together with superior products, service and ideas.


Our success built by our people. We work in a safe and satisfying environment.We choose to treat each other with trust and respect and maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. Our experience, teamwork and ability to deliver construction inspired solutions are our most valued and rewarded strengths.


Our success is supported by the shareholders and leader who choose to invest in us, In return, we commit to continuing profitability and growth in value, together, which make us all stronger.


Our success relies on communities supporting our business .In return, we care for the environment, create health, respect to local values and encourage involvement.


Our health, safety,environment and community responsibilities are integral to the way we do business.
Our commitments: We are committed to continual, improvement in our HSEC, performance.


We aspire to zero harm to people. Our fundamental belief is all injuries can be prevented. This responsibility starts with each one of us.


We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing and preventing pollution, and products stewardship.


We strive to be valued corporate citizens in our communities. We respect the values and cultural heritage of local people.


To meet our HSEC commitments, we will set targets, develop, implement and maintain management standards and systems, and comply with relevant industry standards and legal requirments.

We will regularly monitor. We will engage with our stakeholders to build relationships based on honesty, openess and mutual trust and share responsibility for meeting the goals of our HSEC policy. We will identify, assess and manage our HSEC risks. We will truly succeed when we achieve our health, safety and environmental goals and are valued by the communities in which we work.



In order to meet the needs of fabrication of steel structures and steel frame, We have a fabrication shop that’s sufficient to carry out the steel fabrication activities before the structure / steel frame to be sent to the project area. Therefore, the results of our fabrication work, faster and accurate in accordance with the shop drawings.

Our company can produce and assemble steel building. In addition, we also can do multi tasking fabrcation process at the same time, by adding number of resources to maintain high qulity of product and speed up of production process or high variation can be carried out simultaneously in our workshop in order to accelerate the process of fabrication.

Design Structural Software

Staad.Pro V 8i

The Process of Invention & Project Management

  • Onsite installation and Onsite safety management

  • Project Management team with hands-on on-site coordination

  • Onsite quality inspection and control

  • Handle design changes

  • Offering onsite technical support

  • Onsite problem solving

Product To Be Offered

produk 1
produk 2
Eco Build
produk 3

One of our product offer to our valued customer to meet with their need and expectation.
We are offering the value to our Customer:


a. Design stage: We design the structure according to local regulation and code both strength and serviceability condition

b. Construction Stage: Very light member to minimize the safety hazards and installed by experienced and well trained team.


a. Zincalume & Colorbond Roof and Cladding combines with galvanized steel frame will give long lasting and high quality product with very cost efficient compare to conventional offer.

b. CNC machines during production

c. Quality Plan in place


a. Fast production

b. Easy to be transported and handled on site, which minimum requirement of heavy equipments

c. Fast installation


a. Economic compare to conventional system

Our PEB LITE Products

produk 4
produk 5

Value Pre-position

Green concept

Green concept to be offered is a environmentally friendly technology and created and used in a way that conserves natural resources and the environment


PT. Ghewantika Konstruksi provides a comprehensive and best solution for customers needs in construction with extraordinary safety and high quality which can give any influence to quality of life


In production process PT. Ghewantika Konstruksi awares about work safely both materials, workers health as well. PT. Ghewantika Konstruksi planned to give satisfaction quality of life by concerning ecosystem around.


To get prosperity in economic growth PT. Ghewantika Konstruksi offers a good business scenario, good employment, and good cost of living of life

Cradle to cradle Design

Cradle to cradle Design

Ending the "cradle to grave" cycle of manufactured products, by creating products that can be fully reclaimed or re-used. PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) product contained of re - used materia

Steel Material

In order to reduce steel material for decreasing waste in production PT. Ghewantika Konstruksi has a very smart method by customizing raw materials refer to design that been calculated accurately so it could be more efficient in reducing waste.

Lighting System

Translucent panel is good alternative to be installed in many projects especialy in large building such as warehouse projects or kind of to reduce consumption of electricity for lighting needs at noon particulary

Air Circulation

Jack roof or Monitor roof is one best solution for reducing indoor heat as ventilation system especially for huge building such as warehouse, workshop and factory which needs air flow for cooling the indoor area.

Why Advance Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) System ?

Safe - Practice safety standard

  • Prioritize security in every process from design work, production / fabrication and site implementation, by applying our standard Health and Safety according to international & local regulation.

Cost Effective - Saving in steel and foundation

  • Cost effective is needed. Lighter steel construction will generate smaller foundation dimension compare to conventional construction

Quality - In accordance to standards practices

  • Quality guaranteed, referring to the applicable standards

Construction speed - In Pre-fabricated & inspected offsite

  • installation manual provided
  • Accurate shop drawing & supported by experience well trained team & machineries to make sure production lead time become efficient.
  • Fabrication report also become a value to be delivered and finally completted by erection sequence drawing and proper equipment to speed up the installation time.

Wide span and long spacing

  • Offers clear span up to 120m for ease of operations and space optimization
  • Offering a wide stretch Of up to 120 m without middle column and provides flexibility in the operations

Not just a Single box - Building shape can varies as client requirement

  • Varies and interesting shapes according to customer needs and dreams

Warranties - We offer comprehensive warranties

  • A complete guarantee for building that has been completed

One Stop - Offer a design, fabricate, supply and install, civil works if required.

  • We come with solution to solve client problems Comes with comprehensive solution, services, integrated and complete.
  • Providing complete service from design, fabrication, installation including civil works, if necessary to solve all customer problems.

After sales service

  • We are here to stay

Turbine Ventilator

Turbine Ventilator is an air circulation equipment for removing the hot air, reducing humidity, eliminating dust and smoke. Turbine Ventilator does not use electrical power and it has maintenance-free. Turbine Ventilator will automatically spin even there is a small breeze and its able to withstand high winds. And also it will automatically spin because of differences of inside and outside air pressure in room beneath which inside and outside hot air will drain and squeeze out through the holes in turbine naturally and spin the turbine automatically.


Calcifloor (calcium silicate) are absolutely free of asbestos, chrysotile, amosite, chrocidolite and any other kinds of asbestos. Thanks to the use of other kinds of raw materials, thanks to their unique manufacturing and autoclaving process, calcifloor are more flexible, less brittle, more stable and more durable than other boards with asbestos content.


Insulation is a highly efficient, lightweight, strong, resilient, and easy to handle flexible blanket insulation composed of fine, stable and uniformly textured inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a non-water soluble and fire retardant thermosetting and heat resistant resin. It is free from coarse fibers and shot due to its mineral composition. It is also has a high resistance to accidental damage from knocks and handling during installation and maintenance.dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity, rotproof, odourless, non-hygroscopic and will not sustain vermin or fungus due to its inorganic and mineral composition. The product will maintain its thermal properties throughout the life time of the construction and will not age. And also it is non-toxic and not hazardous to health.

Pre-Engineered Buildings are leading the way in the "Green Concept" revolution in building. The definition of "Green Concept” design, in terms of Pre-Engineered Buildings design and construction, is very simple. Pre- Engineered Building’s design and construction is effectively "green" if any negative impact on both the surrounding environment and the building occupants are eliminated by keeping in mind the diminishing global resources and the inevitable climatic changes. This approach is also called a “sustainable design”. Pre-Engineered Building offer infinite benefits.

The "Green" benefits of a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) are as follows:

  • PEB's system is not require cutting down valuable forests.
  • Modern steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce gas emissions.
  • PEB's are manufactured with a high proportion of recycled content, i.e. steel.
  • PEB's employ sustainable building design and construction and erect in less time than conventional building construction.
  • PEB is rust resistant and are virtually maintenance free.
  • PEB's provide healthy indoor environment.
  • PEB's are durable, cost-effective, energy efficient and green.
  • PEB's, after demolition doesn’t accumulate wastage like asphalt shingles, concrete, brick and wood.
  • Steel building roofs used in PEB's reflect light and heat keeping the buildings cooler in hot weather and thus reducing cooling costs and helps in saving the environment.
  • PEB's help in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed and engineered by well trained and certified structural metal building engineers to withstand all weather and seismic conditions.

Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Steel Buildings VS Conventional Steel Building

Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)


Quick and more efficient since PEB are mainly formed of standard sections and connections, design time is significantly reduced. Basic designs are used ove and over.


Simple design, easy to construct and light weight.

Erection Cost & Time

Both costs & time of erection are minimized. The erection process is easy, fast, step by step and with minimum requirement for heavy equipments.


Outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost using standard architectural features and interface details.

Future Expansion

PEB Building are designed with future expansion in mind. It is simple, easy and cost effective. One supplier can coordinate changes.


Single responsibility for design, supply and even erection of PEBs.

Conventional Steel Building


Quite slow and each conventional steel structure is designed from scratch by the Consultant, with fewer design aids available to the Engineer.


Extensive, heavy foundations required.

Erection Cost & Time

Typically, they are 20% more expensive than PEB. In most of the cases, the erection costs and time are not estimated accurately. Erection is slow and extensive field labor is required. Heavy equipment is often needed.


Special architectural design and features must be developed for each project, which often require research and thus resulting in much highter costs.

Future Expansion

Future expansion would be more difficult and, more likely, costlier.


Multiple responsibilities can result in questions of who is responsible when components do not fit properly

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